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CABP Interim Results

Analyst and Institutional Investor Webcast

A presentation webcast and live Q&A conference call for analysts and institutional investors took place on September 13th 2023 at 9.30 am UK Time.

Please follow these links to download the full recording and transcript.

Download CABP's H1 2023 Interim Results Presentation here.

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Investor relations:


Announcement of Offer Price


Appointment of Ann Cairns as Chair of CAB Payments


Articles of Association


cITF Announcement


eITF Announcement


Registration Document


Registration Document Consent Letter


Registration Document Publication Announcement


Registration Statement Group: CAB Payments Consolidated Historical Financial Information


Registration Statement Group: CAB Payments Interim Financial Information


Registration Statement from Mazars: Audit Report


Registration Statement from Mazars: Review Report


Pillar 3 Disclosures HY 2023




Prospectus Consent Letter


Prospectus from Mazars: Audit Report


Prospectus from Mazars: Review Report


Prospectus Group: CAB Payments Consolidated Financial Information


Prospectus Group: CAB Payments Interim Financial Information


Prospectus Publication Announcement


Pricing Statement


Announcement of Pricing


Announcement of Admission


Update on Q3 Trading and Outlook

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Terms of Reference - Audit Committee


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Terms of Reference - Risk Committee

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